LIFT HEEL (1cm/1,5cm/2cm/2,5cm)

Heel heels for the shortening of the limbs / increasing

Double-layer heel pads made of high-quality natural leather and a foam layer. Recommended for people with shortening of the lower limbs, heel pains and knee joint discomfort. They perfectly absorb shocks, significantly reduce the load on the Achilles tendon and the hip joint while walking. Heel pads regulate the height of the heel in the shoe, prevent chafing of the heels and pressure on the shoes. Recommended for all types of covered footwear.

MATERIALS: top layer - high-quality natural leather, bottom layer - polyethylene foam

HOW TO USE: tear off the paper covers, place the heels in the shoes with a layer of leather to the foot. Press down to properly stick to the footwear. For proper hygiene, replace the heel cups every 6-8 weeks

Additional Info

  • Schorzenia: Ostroga piętowa, bóle pięty