Corrective heels

Two-layer heels made of high-quality natural leather and a layer of polyurethane gel. Recommended for people with uneven lower limbs and heel pains. The heel cup lifts the heels and the midfoot, relieving pain in the lower limbs, compensating for the shortening of the lower limbs. The polyurethane gel used is in a foamed form, thanks to which the heels perfectly absorb micro-shocks occurring when walking on a hard surface. Recommended for all types of covered shoes.

MATERIALS: top layer - high quality natural leather, bottom layer - foamed polyurethane gel.

HOW TO USE: remove the paper covers, put the heels in your shoes with a layer of leather to the foot. Press down to ensure adequate adhesion to the footwear. For proper hygiene, replace the heel cups every 6-8 weeks.


Additional Info

  • Schorzenia: Ostroga piętowa, bóle pięty