Soft insoles for rheumatoid and diabetic feet

Two-layer insoles made of specialized, soft Poron® memory foam and gel polyurethane. Intended for diabetics, people suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, with deformities and for owners of sensitive feet. A contoured insole lined with Poron® foam significantly absorbs micro-shocks and injuries, and reduces overloading the foot while walking. The insole has a correspondingly wider forefoot, necessary in the case of severe soreness in part of the forefoot. Thanks to the use of the pelotte, they favorably change the pressure distribution on the front part of the foot. A specially shaped, soft longitudinal arch perfectly supports the foot. The arch profile does not cause discomfort or irritation of the epidermis, especially with sensitive and pathologically changed feet. The deepened heel tray stabilizes and correctly positions the heel in the shoe. They perfectly support diseases such as overload pain, heel pain, arthritis, RA, diabetes and sensitive feet. The insoles protect the feet, optimally distribute the pressure of the whole body over the entire sole of the foot. Recommended for all types of covered footwear.

MATERIAL: top layer - Poron® Memory soft foam, bottom layer - flexible polyurethane gel, pelotte

HOW TO USE: place the insoles in the shoes with the side of the red memory foam facing the foot. If wet, remove and dry at room temperature. For proper hygiene, wash the insoles in soapy water depending on the degree of soiling and replace the insoles every 6-8 weeks.


Additional Info

  • Schorzenia: Stopa cukrzycowa i reumatoidalna, Przeciążenie stóp / amortyzacja