Tape with interdigital gusset and bunion cover

Flexible, thin band anatomically fitted to the shape of the foot. The applied interdigital wedge in the band separates deformed, sore fingers from the first and second rays, reducing the pain of bunions. The gel cover protects the convexity of the hallux valgus bones, prevents and protects against unpleasant rubbing in shoes, absorbs side impacts and insulates against micro-injuries. Also for use in postoperative conditions.

MATERIAL: outer layer - elastic knitwear, inner layer - elements of gel material.

HOW TO USE: wash the headband in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry. Then apply through the hole in the big toe, covering with the gel that covers the bunion. Do not stretch the band on the gel cover. Can be used under socks and shoes. Do not use when the skin is damaged or irritated.


Additional Info

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