24/7 Hallux Valgus Corrector

Apparatus for halluxes with a movable splint, which actively heals and corrects diseases in the area of ​​hallux valgus around the clock. The gel material used under the longer arm of the splint insulates and protects the big toe bone, securing the work of the joint during the dynamics of gait. Thanks to the use of drawstrings, the splint keeps the transverse arch of the foot and metatarsal bones in a fixed position, correcting flat feet, the main cause of bunions. The device can be used not only at night, but also during everyday activities, such as walking or standing, increasing its effectiveness. The device can be used prophylactically as well as in postoperative conditions, shortening the rehabilitation period. Recommended for most types of footwear.

MATERIAL: plastic, metal, gel, velcro.

HOW TO USE: Put the device on a washed foot. The splint should be firmly attached to the big toe and the metatarsus. Then remove the Velcro tape to adjust to the shape of the foot, setting its correct position. If dirty, wash in warm water with soap, rinse and dry. Do not use when skin is damaged or irritated.



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